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ABOUT ME: I am a Craftsman/Designer and I create mosaic medallions, deco's and designs from tile,JDyer Designer-Craftsman marble, granite, travertine, slate, natural stones and other material and sell them in my eBay Store.

I have been in the tile and marble industry for over 40 years and have created thousands of designs.

I usually keep over 100 designs for sale in my eBay Store Discount-Marble-and-Tile and my website Discount Marble and Tile. Just click the links if you would like to see them.


Because I receive a lot of questions and a tremendous amount of interest in how I create my designs, I have put together a basic Instructional Guide with Pictures and Step by Step Instructions along with information on Tools & Materials needed to produce the designs. This How To Guide is on a CD designed to be viewed and read on your computer.


If you are interested in creating your own mosaic designs,
I will demonstrate my techniques & methods to you with Pictures and Step by Step Instructions on how I create Mosaic Designs from Tile and Natural Stone.

I will show you how to quickly and easily create templates & patterns, cut the mosaic pieces to size and assemble the designs with this How To Create Mosaic Medallions, Borders, & Deco's Guide.


Mosaic designs are made using many individual pieces of Tile, Marble, Granite, or other Natural Stones. These are the basic materials I use in the designs I create, but many other materials such as Glass, Tiles, Plastic, Metals, and precious metals such as Gold or Silver can also be used.

Handcrafted mosaics look great as floor or wall medallions and designs or they can be framed and used as wall hangings. They make impressive focal points for back splashes and many areas of the home or office.

They are regularly used in the entry, kitchen, bath, patio or even in the garden or swimming pool.


Mosaics are great unusual decorative ideas such as:

  • Make a mosaic table top.
  • Make a mosaic flowerpot.
  • Make a mosaci picture frame.
  • Make a mosaic collage.
  • Make a mosaic photo.
  • Make a mosaic image.
  • Make a mosaic bench.
  • Make a mosaic stepping stone.


You can easily learn How To Create Your Own Mosaic Designs out of Natural Stones such as Marble, Granite, Slate , Limestone, Tumbled Stone and other materials like Ceramic, Porcelain, Glass and other Tiles, just like the ones I sell in my eBay Store Discount-Marble-and-Tile.


I will take you through the process, step-by-step, with pictures and instructions on a variety of designs and show you how to save 50% - 80% of the Cost...

You Can Learn a Fun & Relaxing Hobby....
or You Can Even
Start Your Own Very Profitable Business!



There is a tremendous demand for Mosaic Products such as Medallions, Deco's, Borders and other Mosaic Art Designs in the Construction and Building industry. Builders, Homeowners, Decorators and Fleur MosaicArchitects use them in their projects on a daily basis.

Homeowners and decorators are constantly searching for new and unique products such as mosaic designs to enhance their building and decorating projects.

If you are interested in starting a new business or looking for a new product for your existing business...this could be it!


Create Mosaics using The Direct Method

There are two basic methods used in creating mosaics. The Direct Method is one of them and it is simply installing the design directly into the floor, wall, tabletop or other area in a permanent fashion where the design will remain. In the How To Create Mosaics Guide, I will take you through this method illustrated with Pictures and Step by Step Instructions.

I will show you how to draw a template or pattern directly onto the wall or in the floor and cut and assemble your design directly in place for a finished product.



Create Mosaics using The In-Direct Method

The second method of creating mosaics is the In-Direct Method. The In-Direct Method is creating the mosaic on a backing so that it can be installed at a later time. I will show you how to create mosaics and attach them to a mesh backing so they can be installed later. You will learn several variances of this method illustrated with Pictures and Step by Step Instructions.



Create Mosaics Without Using Special Tools

Most Natural Stones and some tiles require diamond cutting tools to cut and form them. These kind of tools can be expensive. But, There are many mosaicdesigns that can be produced without any special tools. You can learn how to create mosaics using just a hammer, knife and pliers or other tools that are normally kept around the household.

I will take you through the steps to draw a simple template or pattern and fit and attach the pieces into a mosaic design without using any special tools. This is a in-expensive way to easily and quickly get started creating mosaic designs.

xxx xxx


Create Templates and Patterns

Many mosaics are made using a Template and/or Pattern. A template is just a drawing or layout that can be used as a guide to create a mosaic. I will take you through step by step methods with pictures to create circular, square and other type templates. You can use these methods to create re-usable templates and patterns for a large variety of mosaics of many shapes and sizes.

Commonly used shapes of material used in mosaic designs are squares, rectangles, circles and random or broken pieces of the material. I will show you how to cut these pieces to size and install them into mosaic medallion, border & deco designs..

Just follow the step by step instructions with pictures to create any size medallion, border, deco or mosaic design that you require for your project.


Create Round Mosaics, Square Medallions, Rectangular & Other Shape Designs

Using the Pictures and Step by Step Instructions you can learn the Direct & In-Direct Methods to easily create templates to make round, square, rectangular or any size or shape medallion or deco. Just follow the instructions and easily put together any size or shape design.

xxx xxxxxxGeo Mosaic


Create Borders & Deco's

Borders and Deco's are just smaller versions of Mosaics and are made using the same basic
Direct & In-Direct Methods. Borders and decos can be made to match and/or compliment your main focal point such as a larger medallion.

You can learn the same procedures and techniques I use to create the Deco's, Borders and Designs that I sell in my eBay Store Discount-Marble-and-Tile . You can easily learn how using the methods I demonstrate in this How To CD.


i will show you How To Create a large variety of sizes and shapes of Deco's & Borders out of Tile, Slate, Marble, Granite and other materials.



Just follow the step by step instructions to learn how to create beautiful mosaic designs in size from small mosaic borders up to huge 24" to 48" Medallions and larger. Learn how to quickly and easily cut the designs and assemble the borders and deco's.


Materials & Tools to Create Medallions, Deco's & Borders

I will also include a list of tools and materials I use to create mosaic Medallions, Deco's & Borders.

Tools for cutting stone and tile, especially power cutting tools with diamond blades and bits, Ceramic Products, Marble, Granite, Slate and other Natural Stone Products can be expensive when purchased through retail outlets.

You will receive a list of my sources where I purchase Tools and Materials at Wholesale and/or Discounted prices. Many of these can be purchased from national wholesalers at 50% to 80% off retail pricing. Some distributors will even include FREE Shipping on many of their items.

Tools can be purchased straight from the distributor for substantial savings. Tile Cutting Boards, Tile & Stone Saws, Diamond Blades & Bits, Tile Nippers, Grinders, Trowels and other tools can be shipped direct to your home or office.

You will also receive a list of distributors where I purchase tile, glass & porcelain tiles, marble, granite, slate, travertine & other natural stones, mesh backing, adhesives and other supplies... many of these at substantial savings.

You can save hundreds of dollars by using these sources, especially if you are installing tile or marble flooring in your home or office. This information alone can be worth many times the cost of this How To CD.


Adhesive, Glues, Mesh Backing & Supplies
to Create Medallions, Deco's & Borders

Also included is information on Adhesives, Glues, Mesh Backing and other supplies I use in creating Mosaic Designs. Included is a list of these items that I use creating mosaic designs and the distributors where I purchase them.



You will receive Complete Step-by-Step Instructions with Pictures on How To Create Mosaic Designs including.....

  • How To Create Mosaic Medallions, Deco's & Borders using the Direct Method
  • How To Create Mosaic Medallions, Deco's & Borders using the In-Direct Method
  • How To Create Templates & Patterns for Mosaic Designs
  • How to Create Round, Square, Rectangular and Other Shape Mosaics
  • How To Create Mosaic Medallions, Deco's & Borders without using any Special Tools
  • How To Create Deco's & Borders to Match or Compliment other Designs.
  • Information on Distributors for Adhesives, Mesh Backing & Glues used in creating Mosaic Designs
  • List of Materials & Tools needed to create Medallions, Deco's & Borders
  • List of Wholesale Sources for Materials, Tools & Supplies for Medallions, Deco's & Borders

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